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product arrow Dan Electro Trip L WAH

Kondisi : 94% mulus , elektronik normal

no dus buku, sudah terpasang papan velcro. siap pakai

Harga : 650rb

The Zebra TRIP L WAH Pedal from Danelectro
The TRIP L WAH gives you three great sounds in one pedal, at a super low price.  It looks like a cool car for the late 1950's and features a "taillight" status indicator to let you know which mode you are in.  Switching modes is quick and easy, giving you a vast range of wild wah possibilities.   Lots of cool sounds, as the video demonstrates.

You can't beat this pedal for great expression and effects.  It makes some serious wah effects, and it also makes the perfect "first wah wah pedal", if you are a little timid.  But the price is so low that you can't loose.  So, why not get one now?